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Guarantee is a very tricky word to use, when it comes to life. There is hardly anything you can guarantee to continue the way it has served you before. A perfectly healthy pipe line serving water for your needs can suddenly go haywire and give you nightmares. Nature might also have its share of mischief to play and can cause havoc in your life through ravaging storms, hail attacks, floods and hurricanes.

But amongst all of this uncertainty and calamity, there is one small guarantee which shines through, almost like a silver lining in the dark clouds – the most sophisticated disaster and damage relief company in West Palm Beach, FL area – West Palm Beach Emergency Restoration. We provide the assurance which puts countless property owners and managers to an assuring sleep every day!

Our story:

Remediation was hardly a known concept amongst home owners, who would generally go ahead and pay exorbitant sums of money for repairs and replacements in the aftermaths of a disaster. Little did they know that if a professional remediation expert is hired for the job, such costs can be clipped very easily. We have sought this as our aim to provide state-of-the-art disaster remediation services and consulting to our clients, resting on a support network of workshops, mobile vans and a team of experienced remediation professionals.

From disaster to revival:

At times of distress, such as a flood or blizzard, when the entire area is likely to buckle under Nature’s wrath, expecting help to arrive may seem like a long-shot. But it isn’t! No matter when you need us, be it day or night, snow or rainstorm, we’re always reachable on 561-408-9703 and will come to you, even if no one else bothers. That’s how dedicated we are to this profession! Others may disconnect lines or bail out on such occasions, but you can rest assured that our decades of serving the community with dedication won’t allow us to do that.

We’re always on the move:

If your property has been struck by fire or water, delay in receiving remediation will only make matters worse. An hour is all it takes after the fire is extinguished for the smoke and soot to spread to unaffected areas. A small leak that you dismissed may even flood your property, given the time. Time is your worst enemy; and we know that! That’s why, we’re constantly on-the-move, having invested in a massive fleet of vehicles that comprise trucks, trailers and vans loaded up with the necessary paraphernalia. Call us anywhere in West Palm Beach, FL area, and we’ll reach within 30 minutes.

We can handle:

  • Water and flood damage

Water or flood damage can have lasting ill effects in your facility and can be the breeding ground of complementing troubles for you, such as mold and other organic intrusions. Call upon us when the task is to clear off all the water and dry you facility to the very last trace of water, so that no further damage may be caused.

  • Fire and smoke damage:

Your work isn’t done post controlling a fire ravaging your house. The soot, debris, and smoke it leaves behind can be disfiguring for your house and needs to be addressed without delay. Our team is equipped with the right equipment and skill to clear off the soot, dirt and dispose off any unsalvageable or waste items.

  • Mold damage:

Mold can develop and multiply quite fast and the damage they cause to the walls and the supporting architecture of your facility can compromise its structural integrity. We ace detection and complete remediation of facilities infested with mold and other harmful organic growth.

  • Residential/commercial restoration:

A fire or a natural calamity can leave even the most maintained and cared-for properties in a condition beyond imagining. This is where salvaging what can be reused becomes crucial in a cost effective remediation project and we at West Palm Beach Emergency Restoration do just that!

Call in the disaster relief specialist on 561-408-9703 and get back an ever-improved business/ residential facility! 

We provide service in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach County