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Is water all that you see in your house or office, thanks to a ravaging flood or a faulty plumbing? Is that wet patch on the wall deploring the beauty of your house? These are situations suggesting water damage which can steer your home away from the structural integrity and beauty that it deserves. When water damage becomes a monster hard to tame, think of the water damage remediation expert in West Palm Beach, FL area - West Palm Beach Emergency Restoration. We are known for our innovative approach to water damage remediation and extremely quick response times of the services we render.

 Common causes of water damage:

  • Poor plumbing: Loose joints, rusted or compromised pipes or leaky plumbing fixtures are some of the most common causes of water damage in facilities.
  • Appliances: A lot of commonly used appliances in the household such as refrigerator, coolers, air conditioners and washing machines can cause water damage, when they malfunction.
  • Floods: Flooding showcases the most ravaging side of Nature and gushes in uncontrollable and humungous quantities of water into your facility.
  • Rainstorms: Crevices or gaps in the walls and windows can let in water from routine rainfall, causing subsequent damage.
  • Leaky roofs: It is the roof of a property which receives the most amount of rainfall and if it is compromised in any way, water damage can stem from it.
  • Drain backup: Clogging of the drain line or other obstructions in the path of water to be drained can lead to water damage.

Common effects of water damage:

Property damage: Water is a destructive force, and it spares nothing, be it metal, wood, fabric or paper. Your precious furniture and heirlooms can be ruined, any metal parts can rust, documents can perish and fabrics fade with water damage.

Mold growth: The physical damage due to the water itself isn’t the only thing to watch out for as moist environments promote mold growth. Within 48-72 hours of the water damage event, mold can grow, eating into building materials while promoting health hazards.

Select the right damage restoration company:

When faced with a water damage of any kind in your property, the least you can do is call an expert at water damage remediation in West Palm Beach, FL area. Property owners often ignore the importance of this decision and tend to go with just about any company, which costs them dearly.

Go with West Palm Beach Emergency Restoration. With decades of experience, the right skill in the team and the advanced set of equipment which we own, there hardly is any water damage remediation job which we cannot justify or effectively take up. This is in fact why our number – 561-408-9703 does not stop ringing with calls from clients all the time.

True 24-hour emergency services:

As time progresses post a leak or flooding, the damage which results from the seeping or stagnant water would only compound. Hence it is crucial that the water damage experts you call in respond swiftly and answer your call in the very first instance. We thus operate our services round the clock and rest assured, will reach you even when the wee hours of the night, if called for. We have a track record of responding to calls and commencing work on the property in less than 30 minutes from the first intimation we receive. Now that’s called as prompt service!

Are you in need of a water damage remediation service in West Palm Beach, FL area? Then call on 561-408-9703!