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The Palm Beach County we know today was once a land inhabited by Native Americans thousands of years ago. However, centuries passed, and with it the population of the tribes grew smaller and smaller until they were all wiped out at the turn of the 18th century due to invasion of diseases and warfare. Where one chapter ended, another began with the arrival of Henry Flagler’s railways in the region. Flagler saw the area’s potential as a ‘veritable paradise’ and purchased land. Over time, the region grew, settlers arrived, and the county prospered as a whole.

Palm trees: Sowed by man and swayed by nature

One of the most distinctive features of Palm Beach has to be the tall palm trees that adorn its landscape. However, these trees aren’t native to the land. In 1878, Providencia, a Spanish ship was shipwrecked off the coast while carrying a load of coconuts to Barcelona. The settlers recovered the coconuts from the wreck, and consumed as many as they could, but there were too many. So, they planted the rest along the coast, thus sowing the seeds of Palm Beach’s identity today.

While these trees have stood tall all these years, there have been countless occasions where they’ve been forced to sway to the whims of Nature. Time and again, hurricanes that struck the region caused widespread destruction in the land by flooding homes, uprooting trees and displacing people from their homes. Right from the deadly storm of 1928 to hurricane Wilma in 2005 that rained massive destruction on the land, the county has always been on the brink of disaster. However, the county is as strong as it is vulnerable, since every time a disaster has struck it down, it has always found a way back up, with support from reliable damage restoration companies such as West Palm Beach Emergency Restoration

Our role in Palm Beach:

Stunning, beautiful and mesmerizing, Palm Beach County’s beauty is something no words can do justice do. So, when a hurricane or flood disrupts its serenity, we take it upon ourselves to restore it! As a vital part of the community for over two decades, West Palm Beach Emergency Restoration has till date provided superior solutions to innumerable clients, both residential and commercial, and have helped them rebuild their lives, piece-by-piece. Whether it’s a small plumbing leak, or a catastrophe of gigantic proportions such as Hurricane Irma, we’ll be there, assisting you with any job, big or small.

We’re best because:

  • We are available round-the-clockWest Palm Beach Emergency Restoration West Palm Beach, FL 561-408-9703
  • We’ll reach you within 30-minutes of dialing 561-408-9703
  • We’re familiar with the Palm Beach terrain
  • We provide reliable and affordable services
  • No matter the problem, we’re the one-stop solution
  • Our pricing is honest, transparent and affordable
  • We work in sync with your insurance company
  • We utilize only cutting-edge tools and technology

What we offer?

Disaster mitigation:After a disaster, there’s a need for immediate intervention – our experts will provide just that and remediate the damage done.  

All types of damage: Be it a burst pipe or a leaky faucet or a fire breakout, no matter what the cause of your damage is, we can find a solution.  

Leak detection: Hidden leaks can slowly deteriorate your property if they’re left unchecked for long. We’ll detect it using advanced non-invasive techniques and apply the fix.  

Reconstruction: Whether your property has been destroyed by a hurricane or fire, it can always be rebuilt. Ask our experts to reconstruct your property and restore the original condition.

Makeover: Are you looking to revamp your home’s look? We can come up with custom designs and give it an elegant makeover

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