West Palm Beach


History is full of examples of how man has achieved things that once seemed impossible. The formation of West Palm Beach is one of the most incredible stories of development. It was but a sandy scrub, when Henry Flagler noticed the place and decided to develop it. Very soon, it transformed into a bustling metropolitan region. Today, it boasts of beautiful palm-lined streets, pretty neighborhoods, a pleasant atmosphere, scenic waterfront views and quaint shopping districts, making it a beautiful and unique spot in the county.

While the city has developed well in the last few decades, it had its share of crises. Nature has sometimes revealed her ruthless self in the region and left behind a huge trail of destruction. Despite this however, the city continues to thrive and survive.

The highs, the lows and the worst

The land boom during the 1920s brought about a boom in the growth of the city. No one however knew that there was disaster lurking in the background. The Okeechobee Hurricane struck the region in 1928 and caused massive havoc. The county was only recovering from the devastation when it was struck again by a Category 4 Hurricane in 1949. The county was struck again in 1979 by Hurricane David that plunged the land into widespread destruction. Between 2004 and 2005, there were three hurricanes - Frances, Jeanee and Wilma that completely crushed the region.

In the face of such destruction, what is commendable is that no matter how ruthless the destruction, West Palm Beach has always found its way back to normalcy. West Palm Beach Emergency Restoration, a well known restoration company in the region has been helping community members to restore their properties fast after a disaster and rebuild their lives.

Where and how have we helped?

At West Palm Beach Emergency Restoration, we offer the entire range of restoration services. We offer quick help because we know that the greater the delay in restoring the property, the more the damage. In 2017, when Hurricane Irma struck the region, we reached our client sites within 30 minutes of receiving calls and extracted the standing water, dried the property and helped salvage the possessions. When all others had shut shop, we reached our clients in the shortest time and offered all the help they needed. We have always been available 24/7 on 561-408-9703 and have never denied any service request. Our prompt arrival coupled with efficient, fast services have made us the go-to restoration company in the region.

Our services:

  • Water leak detection and fixingWest Palm Beach Emergency Restoration West Palm Beach, FL 561-408-9703
  • Fire and smoke damage restoration
  • Cleaning debris post-destruction
  • Eliminate toxic odors and decontamination
  • Flooring, carpeting, roofing, painting etc
  • Reconstruction solutions
  • Customized renovation

Following a disaster, you can bank on us to restore the damage. Call us at 561-408-9703 for help.

We’re available in the following zip codes:

33401, 33402, 33403, 33404, 33405, 33406, 33407, 33408, 33409, 33410, 33411, 33412, 33413, 33414, 33415, 33416, 33417, 33418, 33419, 33420, 33421, 33422, 33470